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I have worn wigs for about a year now. This one looks nothing just like the photo, and there is nothing you can do to say its bad.

hi I have a question. I want to order this yellow dress. I was wondering if I just select a size US 12 and in the same colour as shown in the picture, will this still need 15 days processing time? I live in Australia and need this dress by june 11th. Are you able to send this to me in time? thanks

Reference to order number 27698 placed on 03-25-2011 at 22:09:28 and payment done on same day on 03-25-2011 at 22:11:45 by paypal and to my e-mail sent two weeks ago. Please note that order status is still PROCESSING. Can you please advise when shall I receive said dress as now it's been over a month and I require this dress by the 19th of this month. Thanks and look forward to hear from you. Marl.

This is Taylor Lane. I ordered my dress on 1/31/11. My order number is 20022. When you guys send my dress which you said will be on Tuesday, March 15. Will you tell me my shipping number and all the details? And what organization (ex. fedex, usps) to get here. I would like all the information I need so I can track my order... Once you guys ship it.

sorry i don't know if my last comment posted but just wondering if my dress is almost done because it is the beginning of march i am worried because my prom is march 26 so just wondering if it is done or almost done? and do i get an email when you guys send it to me? my name is Taylor Lane. ordered dress 1/31/11 and order is 20022 sorry im so impatient and worried thanx

This dress is absolutely beautiful in person when I received it out of the package. I was completely hesitant from order outside the US but, I will do it again! This website is wonderful due to the fact that I will be going to 2 proms this year and wanted to be comparable with finding 2 nice dresses. The dresses that I ordered I wanted them to be custom and I will never do that again! They were way too small which is funny bc I had my tailor do the fitting. However I did have the one dress 'taken out' wish I got lucky on and the second one I am sending back. Regardless of this minor problem I will order a size bigger that way I can always have the dress taken in! This website is wonderful and will make my prom night very special. thank you FishInTheSky!!!

Hi, I am ready to order item code # 002036346 for 5 of my bridesmaids however I am a bit confused on the measurements in your chart. For instance, I am a size 4 in dress size but your measurements do not match with mine. In fact, your measurements show me to be a couple of sizes bigger than what I am. Does this dress run small? And if so, what is your recommendation in terms of either going with your chart or should I just order based on my measurements. Also, Could you please let me know what your return policy is? And if you have a direct line I could call so I can get some assistance with the order. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Sincerely G

I have mentioned already I need all my items by the 15th June (Mid June) its already 13th June I will obviously not receive my 4th dress by then. I don’t understand why they all were not shipped out together. I have had to pay tax and duties money but it should have been an over all cost of all items not 3 items shipped then the 4th. Please please send the final item out today I am getting married in a week and I need these dresses for my bridesmaids. If I don’t receive them on time I will have to return them all because they will be no use to me. I have paid you full money so I should really get this item on time. Many thanks Trisha Amin

I ordered my dress 3/31/11. It's been 10 weeks, and I still have not received it. I put up this comment last week, and it was removed. So I'm putting it up again. I've inquired 3 different times and wasn't until this week that I got a positive answer. After this experience, I'm not sure if I woud shop from here again because the replies from my inquiries were not satisfactory.

Hello! I am turning 18 on 9th July. As you may know, this is the most important age in my country and I will have a birthday-party, and I would like to look special. The question is... Would it be possible for the dress to arrive by then? It is really an emergency... Well, if not til 9th July, let's say 11th. I'll wait for your answer and I will try to make a decision these days on the order... Thank you very much.



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