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Really pretty dress, is there a way to see it in other colors before ordering?

if the dress has a two colored material and when i order can i order the colors i would like the dress to be?

When you order the dress in a color other than the one shown, does the color of the beading change, or is it always silver? I ordered my dress in chocolate.

I was thinking about getting this dress but i would like to see it in a different color. Is there anyway that i could send a picture of the dress in any other colors?

Can I have an approximate date of when my dress will arrive??????? I need it here before the 26th of march. Have you even shipped it out yet????? Please let me know what is going on.

I hope Jigna did get my dress, very worried because the measurements are still posted wrong on my order even though I responded weeks ago. Sent you an e-mail today and hope to hear back soon. Good luck Jigna!

I ordered this dress two weeks ago and it still has not been delivered even though i paid for expedited delivery. Can you please let me know when it will be arriving since i have my prom coming up in a week!!

If i order a dress tomorrow will it be arrive here in time for prom the second weekend in April because I am interested in ordering only if it is garunteed to be her on time. I am even will to pay urgency shipping please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

Hi, i wanted to check on the color of the dress that i order couse the color wich i wanted is ( the same pictur e) not silver.

if i want the dress which its colors black and white for this item 00236595; what i have to choose the color : black or white??



Teal Colored Evening Dress

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