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I realliy like this dress but I wanted to know if I order it today, will I be able to get it in time for my prom on the 27th June 2011?

Hi, I'm thinking of ordering this dress for my prom on the 9th may but if I order it today will I definately have received it by then?

Hi! I'm thinking about buying the Prom Dress P-0026, and i was wondering which materials it's made of? Best Regards/ Rebecka

Is there anyway I could recieve this dress any sooner than 31 days? I would like to have it for a prom which is in 30 days.

Hello I wrote to you before and I would like to have my red prom dress lace up please, my order number is (41776)

I received my order today very happy with the dress and my daughter looks beautiful in it can't wait for her prom now Thank you

Hi! I just ordered this dress for my prom but I would like to have it in pearl pink insted of ivory, which I chose if possible. I would also like to remove both of the shoulder strands and the trail so that it is suitible for my prom

i really love this dress however i am concerned after reading some of the comments that it will not be here in time for my prom. My prom is on the 1st of July, if i ordered it this week could you guarantee delivery in time?

Ok so I am in absolute love with this dress for my juniior prom but I'm scared that I may not get it in time because the prom is May 19th. Is there something special in the shipping or processing that I can do to get it sooner?

i would just like to say i have fallen in love with this dress !! I was thinking about wearing this dress to prom but i was jus wondering if possible during the tailoring of the dress if the dress could be made without the slit in it ?



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