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iam sorry i havent recieved an e-mail about the dress the only one i have from yous is about deals yous have, iam starting to panic as my party is in 2weeks thanks

Hello, I was wondering if my dress would arrive before my party which is going to be on 21st- june. Actually i started to get worried. please advice. Thanks

I love this dress, and would like to purchase it for my sweet 16 party, but I was wondering, do you have to buy the jacket as well? or is that part seperate? Thank you!

if i make my order today can i recive my dress by january 27th 2011.i need this for formal dance and if i am not able to recive it by then i wont place an order.i want this dress in red and i want it knee lenght is that possiable?i live in california,America.please get back to me as soon as possiable

i would really like this dress and my party is on the 24th of June and i've order the dress on the 2nd of June, is it possible that i could receive it by the 23rd because this dress is awesome and i don't reallly want to get a refund?

Hey, I want to order this wonderful dress for my graduating party, but as I'm living in Germany I'm afraid it won't arrive in time. Do you think it can be there til the 12th of july? Please Help!

It is a bit too short! I am almost 6 foot tall! BUT I LOVE IT! It is perfect! Great quality and professional look. I look like I have a very modern and expensive dress. This is for my reception and after party after the wedding and it has exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much!!

I like this wig it's fun to wear around everyday and out to party's

Hi its been a long time i ordered the dress # 29081,, and im still waiting for it.. i have a wedding coming soon and need it as soon as possible. I've sent you a message a week ago, but i did not receive any answer. Can you please tell me what happen with the order. but when i track the number EE506226200CN (with Canada Post) it seems that it has been shipped back to you.. but i NEVER receive nothing at home and the address registered in FishInTheSky website is correct. you can reach me by email. [email protected] Here is all the information about the dress ordered: Elegant Formal Dress Size - US 4Color - Burgundy Amount paid: USD 80.36 1 Delivered Check Shipping Information Standard USD 0.00 USD 80.36 Thank you!!

I was wondering if it would be possible to make it so this dress does not have a train dragging along the ground. Having it flow out gently like it does at the front, and just touching the ground like it does at the front would be really nice, as we do plenty of formal dancing which means moving backwards, and I wouldn't want to step on the dress. I would also like it to be made in satin, not elastic woven satin if that is okay, because i like the blue of the satin better, rather than the elastic woven satin blue. Can you please let me know if this is not feasible because otherwise I would prefer to look at other options. I tried sending you this message but have had no response



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