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Hello Again, yes my order number is 26626, please let know the factory, that I don't want any modification in color of the wedding dress. I just want the dress exactly as the picture. White Satin with the bearing just like the image. Thanks

Hello... I would like to ask a couple of question.... 1) There a petticoat included for this wedding dress and if not can you add the specific one needed for this dress? If yes which will be the total sum? 2) Can the train be detachable? I want to have the train from the ceremony and then take it off for the reception.... Thanks in advance

Hi, I really need the dress and the jacket to arrive asap, as my wedding is in april and I need to be sure of the fitting. Could you provide me with a date they will be posted??as I really do not have time to buy a new dress..

Hello i wanted to order this dress but i wanted to change the material to Bordeaux Taffeta so is it possible? can u ship it to Egypt? by when? i wanted to ask if u can make the sizes specially as mine? Metta Satin Princess Strapless Wedding Dresses Chapel Train

I ordered a dress weeks ago and payment was not taken from my card. Do you have an order with my name. I ordered the New Style Wedding Dress. I need to know the status of my order and when payment will be taken from my account.

Good afternoon for everybody My name is Natalia , next summer my daughter will be married and we already startet to look wedding dress... we are both adore that beautiful dress but we are worry a bit about zipper... Is it possible to make not locking zipper but lacing.. Best regards Nata

What im trying to explain to you is that I already ordered this dress. And I need this dress to be silver and I thought it was in the picture. Light grey will not work for our wedding colors or theme can you change the color for me please.

hello, i have received the wedding dress, thanx for sending it so fast, it is nice but too long , i will try to fix it, plus i asked for an ivory veil, it was sent white. but anyway i like the dress and i guess will do it again. thank you

hello, my order was paid and i got your confirmtion on 13-5. and since you mentioned in your site that this dress needs 18 working days and 4-8 days shipping, i hope my dress will be ready before june 26 which is my wedding day,. regards thank you

a holder meaning something to hold the train up so it doesnt drag around at the reception hall after the wedding.i have tried on some dresses that have hook like things to take the dress in so the train isnt so long to drag all over the floor



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