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If I wanted to pay online for the dress and jacket($30) extra, as you said, how do I include it in my payment of the dress. Only the cost of the dress is showing.

I love this dress, and would like to purchase it for my sweet 16 party, but I was wondering, do you have to buy the jacket as well? or is that part seperate? Thank you!

thank you so how for letting me know of the shipping to india. i would also like to know if i would be able to have this jacket in a way that it matches the dress in terms of clour http://www.FishInTheSky.com/product/Pretty-Wonens-Jacket-Match-Your-Fabulous-Dress-277284.html

As I understand if I buy dress ( for example item code 00200390 ) you will be able to free ship this jacket to me. Am I correct?. if i already paied for the dress order can i also take this offer ? and how can i make this order for free shipping , and if i can make the dress and the jacket match with each other please reply

I ordered this dress along with two others today but I did not know how to make the additional payment to include the jacket. Can you please help me out because I want the jacket to come in with my order. Also, I ordered during the mother's day special but I did not see a price deduction on my visa; however I applied for the discounts and also would like my coupons to be used toward this purchase as well. Please send me a confirmation as soon as possible as to the actual cost.

I'm very interested in this dress. But I wonder if it is a full dress or dress with jacket. Should I also take measurements of arm volume and arm length? If there is a Separate jacket how can I order it and what it costs in that case? I would like to use my April 29 rebate, so I need a quick response. Sincerely Lisbeth

hi, i have emailed you on additional bolero jacket (hard fabric; for neat and smart looking bolero jacket) to go with this dress, however, I failed to pay the agreed amount between us using paypal because its still showing 112USD (i have emailed you on this). How should I pay u then? I have made and order, the order number is 17606. Thanks.

Hi, i'm definetly going to buy 4 of these dresses with different sizes but i'm also confused about the material i'm not sure whats best (satin, matte satin, silk like satin and taffetta). How could i get some samples before you start the dresses so i could choose i prefer the colour burgundy. i also qas thinking about a bolero could i choose a bolero from this site and do it with the same material as dress? Im not actually in a hurry because i need them for next year but i would love to have a reply so i could rest my mind. Thanks a lot Regards Kelly

The 30 days of wedding dresses are Havilah? I'm from Venezuela, I would like to buy a wedding dress for the wedding is April 30 and would like to know if I buy this dress in my country before the date due await your prompt response. This is the model I Item Code: 00202285

I'm from Jordan, I want to buy wedding dresses at a reasonable price you know I can replace the wedding dresses you have and thank you



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