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Do you now have some photos of this dress made by you? Thank you!

Would it be possible to have this dress made in teal with silver flowers? ALso is the jacket included? Thank you.

Hi I am just wondering if my dress is almost ready, it was paid for 1 month ago today, still says processing. My wedding is in 4 weeks (April 14th) I need it by...I am nervous I am not going to get my dress on time. How do I find out if my dress will be here on time?

PLEASE HELP! Hi I received my dress and it looks nice, but the length is short without heels, and i was wondering if i can get some extra pieces of the fabric that was used to make this, like the petals. If not I was wondering what i can do because i need the dress to be ready within a month and i am sort of panicking i would need at least 17 pieces of those petals used to make the dress.

I have mentioned already I need all my items by the 15th June (Mid June) its already 13th June I will obviously not receive my 4th dress by then. I don’t understand why they all were not shipped out together. I have had to pay tax and duties money but it should have been an over all cost of all items not 3 items shipped then the 4th. Please please send the final item out today I am getting married in a week and I need these dresses for my bridesmaids. If I don’t receive them on time I will have to return them all because they will be no use to me. I have paid you full money so I should really get this item on time. Many thanks Trisha Amin

Hello, I love this wedding dress, but i would like to know if the train / vail comes with the dress? Basically will the dress be made exactly as i see it in the picture?

Very upset with the time its taking to have the dress made and shipped out to me ! i need the dress by friday and at this point i will not have the dress on time !

Hi thank you soo much for the stunning dress you made for me , The dress was the most beautiful dress at the wedding lovely ,,,,thank you

Hello, It has been more than Five weeks , and I am still without know the status of my dress. I know that it was ready more than two weeks ago, but your company were waiting to finish the rest of the order; but the rest of the order was out of stock and I got already my money back, and the jacket was wrong and I did not know if they fix it exactly as the image with my specification.Let me know when I will be able to get my order deliver.

It is possible to tell me what material you recommend for this dress. It is possible to send me by mail pictures with some dresses made by you. Thank you



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