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Hi, I like this dress, but would like to know where you can choose another color, which advise you and if you have a color photo in another not so clear, I am the mother of the groom and I would like to advise me. Thank you.

Hi, When can you send 3 dress of this dress then? :-) Because we're leaving later for the wedding so we can take them with us because the groom wil leave at the 25 june ( the wedding is abroad) Greatings, Jihane

do you have this ready in my size sheath/Column sweetheart Mother of Bride dress (3E0150) the above dress

beauitful gloves even for the mother of the bride.

Hi I'm meaning to buy this dress for my mom and another dress for me (bride). One question though, before I move forwards: My mother liked the dress just as it looks in the picture (same colour

This is a stylish ,modest, gorgeous-looking dress for mother of the bride. I want to order this dress right away for my son's wedding which is in July, 2011. I have three queries: 1. Is it possible for your to make the dress with the front neckline 3 inches higher? 2. Can you make the dress 2 inches longer? 3. How soon can you ship the dress to me? Thank you

This beautiful, modest sheath dress is simply gorgeous for mother of the bride and deserves a 5 star rating. I would like to order the dress right away but need some questions answered: 1. Is it possible for you to make the dress with the neck at the front 2 to 3 inches higher? 2. Can you make the skirt three inches longer? 3. Will you be able to ship the dress for me to have it by mid- June, 2011? Thank you

Hello, I'm planning to buy this dress for my mother this week but I know she does not like a dress when its open in the back. How does this dress look from behind? I am very satesfied with this webpage, my sister bought her wedding dress from here and It was beautiful =) Thank You

Hi, I ordered this dress in color Regancy, but later I changed my mind. Can I change the color to watermelon, isn't it too late ? (for dress code 00210322) And one more change - I ordered dress code 00235034 for my mother size 14, bus it would be perfect if I could change it to size 12. Please answer if my changes are accepted or not. Looking foward!

Hello, I have indeed received an e-mail with the order information. I checked on the TNT-website where my dress should be, and I saw that it already is in the Netherlands, is that right? However, in the e-mail you sent me there unfortunately weren't any pictures of the dress. You might want to send the e-mail with the pictures again, you can also do that to [email protected] The other e-mail adress is my mothers. Thank you in advance!



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