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i'm thinking of buying this dress but i was wondering if i can speed up the shipping or the process of making the dress since my prom is in may 14 and i hope to get the dress in time, or even better, a few days before.

I am just about to order this dress for my daughters prom, my query its, as we are in the UK will i receive the dress before July 1st. the UK and USA dress sizes are different, i will be ordering a USA 8 hopefully this will fit UK size 10.

Hello, You asked for my order number: Order Number:25327 FishInTheSky. By the way, two dresses have already arrived, but not this dress (red prom dress), which is the one that I will need on April 28th. I live in the Netherlands. Thank you.

Hi I like the dress but doess it come with bolero jacket shown in the image? And if i order this dress orany other from he selection of prom dresses tofay, will I be able to get it in time for my pro on the 27th June 2011?

i ordered this dress for my prom. when i ordered i was assured that this dress would beable to get to me by mid may. im starting to get a little worried since everytime i check on the dress you guys say its almost done. i would like to know exactly estimate when i would beable to get my dress because my prom is coming up in 2 weeks and if i can't recieve my dress by then then i'm going to have to go out and buy another dress.

My name is Taylor L. My order number is 20022. And I went on to my account today on FishInTheSky and it shows 3 dresses that i have ordered and cancelled which never happened. i ordered one dress P1413 and it doesn't even show that i have ordered that one. and i have paid for the P1413 and i have no idea why the other dresses are on my account?! and you guys are supposed to ship my dress on march 20th? has it been shipped? my prom is on this saturday the 26 and i would like to have a dress to wear to my prom!!!!

i want this dress 4 prom and i was woundering if u could send me a picture of this dress in burgundy bcause im curious on how u would do the lace/beading part would it b the burgundy color or a silver? thanks 4 ur help

Hi, can you tell me what kind of beading is on the dress, if it is plain beads, or sequins with beads, and want to ask you if I can order this dress with no train at all. I need it for a prom and dont want any kind of train.

Just recieved my dress today for my high school prom, its actually stunning.. just my dress has some measurement issues but all just have too take that too a local tailor.. otherwise very pretty and only took 15days too get to scotland:) very happy xxx

Hi, I want to order the dress but I need to know if it would be ready and if I can receive it before the 10th of May cause it's for a prom and if there is a possibility of delay I can't make the order. Also if the dress will be exactly as the one of the picture and what materials it is made of will the lace be the same as the picture? Thanks



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