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I'll get marred this year and we love the above (Embroidering Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses Chapel Train) and for sure we will buy it . Thank you

hey... its lovely dress... n i really want to order 1 but, as i dont want sleeveless wedding dress.. is dat possible to have short sleeve jacket with embrodary on it.. i dont mind paying for that jacket..but it has to be same material and colour..and if u can make it.. thn hw much more wud i have to pay for dat jacket.?? thankx in advanced.. thanku :)

My order was placed under the name Aimee. My friend ordered my dress for me. I received my dress, it was very pretty yet, custom sized to fit me however the chest was made too big and the length was too short. The back of the dress where it laces up sticks out at the bottom. The flower on the dress is not as in the picture. The dress is 6 lbs. very pretty and nice quality. I honestly didn't know what my dress would look like after being told not to order from China but, it is made well. I do like it however, it's just too short! My wedding is soon ! When people order dresses please make sure you go by the measurements.

The delivery was faster than i expected! I highly appreciate it! It's beautiful and because of the dress fantastice turn out i have great faith in this site and will continue to use it! THANK YOU!

hi .. can i order a short jacket for this dress in the same type and color of the dress ?if yes how much it will cost ?

Can you tell how short is this dress? If I provide yout the lenght can you tailor it according to that size?

How long will my dress take to get to my house, if i ordered it on wednesday march 2, 2011? My wedding is on april 16th and I am very excited to get my dress but will it be here in time?

I really like your stuff would like to order a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for a wedding in the third week of April. Can you please advise if you can ship to Malawi and how long it would take with EMS.

Hi, I just wanted to know how long it would take if we ordered 3 dress of this one? It's for the bridemaids and the wedding is on the 25 of june. I would be thankful if you guys can send them for the wedding :-) Thank you. Greatings, Jihane

Hello, I would like to order a long sleeve beautifull wedding shawla-1356 (item code: 00277505). When I was ordering my wedding dress I have read that I could get a lovely bridal wedding bolero (item code: 00277556) for free. So, I was wondering if I could get that free bolero in another order (wedding shawla-1356 (item code: 00277505)) ?



Long Turns Into Short Wedding Dress

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