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hi, i want a glamorous dress with short sleeve and which suits me because i have 5 feet height. can you recommend me something??

hello,i am interested in a couple of your beautiful dresses but require sleeves attached to them,also additional fabric for a shawl would be most appreciated,can this be done?and would it be included in the stated price or is they an additional fee?

This beautiful, modest sheath dress is simply gorgeous for mother of the bride and deserves a 5 star rating. I would like to order the dress right away but need some questions answered: 1. Is it possible for you to make the dress with the neck at the front 2 to 3 inches higher? 2. Can you make the skirt three inches longer? 3. Will you be able to ship the dress for me to have it by mid- June, 2011? Thank you

Hello, Is it possible to add another shoulder to this dress. Cause I really like the design, but pityful I can't wear one-shoulder dress because the bride doesn't want me to look similar as to her dress. And I want to wear the color purple, in your fabric chart there are Grape and Regency, which ones is closest to bright purple?

It is a Great Dress, love a lot, I am a Mother Bride Wich color is the picture sample? I need this in a Darker colr tham Champagne.but litter than Brown color, do you have? Sise: my sise is diferent tham your table Waist:75 Bust:94 High Hips:95 Widest Hips: 99 this messures are not tight. are confortable Time' if i order today or tomorrow, how many days do you need to put the order in Ecuador? Thanks a Lot

I would like to know on this dress instead of a jacket I want shoulder straps like shown. My shoulders would show but then have sleeves with the wrapped look to match the front of the dress just on my arms from elbow up about half my arm. I seen sleeves like this on a dress at Dillards. I loved it.

a Big thank you to tide buy, my 3 dresses arrived on time. I was just dissapointed that you said you would tailor make it but u did not. I asked for sleeves and a back as due to a personal problem i cannot wear sleeveless and it has been very difficult for me to find material to add sleeves. On the whole i appreciate your service thank you.

Can you tell me how long for expediated delivery to New Zealand

Do u ship to Ethiopia?How long will it take for a dress to be made and delivered?

if i order this today how long will it take to get to ireland?



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