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Hi, I have ordered this dress on the 16th of May (16/05/2011) and according to the given information, the processing time should take 15 days, but as i keep checking, I see that the dress hasn't been sent off yet. Could i please know when it will be sent off please and when I should receive it by? Thank You.

Hello again! Thanks for your reply and information. it sounds good I look forward to a good cooperation. I've looked at your dresses and have decided ten dresses to begin with. I like the design and quality, then I will order more. But I want a good price too. I would like to get a price before I place an order. and how long does it take to get them to Sweden?

Hello, I have indeed received an e-mail with the order information. I checked on the TNT-website where my dress should be, and I saw that it already is in the Netherlands, is that right? However, in the e-mail you sent me there unfortunately weren't any pictures of the dress. You might want to send the e-mail with the pictures again, you can also do that to [email protected] The other e-mail adress is my mothers. Thank you in advance!

This is Taylor Lane. I ordered my dress on 1/31/11. My order number is 20022. When you guys send my dress which you said will be on Tuesday, March 15. Will you tell me my shipping number and all the details? And what organization (ex. fedex, usps) to get here. I would like all the information I need so I can track my order... Once you guys ship it.

This dress is my perfect dream wedding dress but can yu do it without the arm or make provision to remove the arm without spoiling the dress....Lovely dresses

Hello. Is there any chance I can get this dress in the colour red? I want to use this dress as an evening dress not a wedding dress. Thanks so much

thanks for your reply, you can take notion how long the shipping to Venezuela? could send information on the measures in cm? I is easier, so it would like the dress had a small tail, it would be possible? and will use last or high shoes, I recommend that you use to measure long, thank you very much! Greetings, I hope your answers

I hope the dress will fit me and arrive on time and I would like to give you some information about my size...... Bust :34 inches waist :26 inches hips :37 inches hollow to the floor (lenght) :58 inches thus,I'd like to ask you what would you recommend ? size 4 or 6 ? thanks

Hello, my concern is that the skirt seems to be made of a different fabric and I really like the combination; I wonder if you noticed it and if you would please inform me what fabric this is and use the same for my dress. My Receipt # 2416-1232-7606-5574. thank you very very much. I would also love to receive a picture before you ship it to me.

Hello My name is sherin, and iam very intressted about this dress and i want know more about it (size, mix colour and many other information) If we can send a mail for me and tell me more about it, or send a nummber for i can speak with you and take more details. thanks alot Suzan



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