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Hi i love this dress... would it be possible to have the top half of the dress up to the bow made in silver??

love this dress but would like a closer up picture of the flowers around the top of dress please

This is a gorgeous dress should have went a size up but the dress is great thank you

hello! I would like to ask, if you order this dress these days, I'll get up to June 1 (item 00296328)? and to receive up to June 1, what should I order DHL or EMS? Thanks!!

My order was placed under the name Aimee. My friend ordered my dress for me. I received my dress, it was very pretty yet, custom sized to fit me however the chest was made too big and the length was too short. The back of the dress where it laces up sticks out at the bottom. The flower on the dress is not as in the picture. The dress is 6 lbs. very pretty and nice quality. I honestly didn't know what my dress would look like after being told not to order from China but, it is made well. I do like it however, it's just too short! My wedding is soon ! When people order dresses please make sure you go by the measurements.

Hi. I have prom comming up and I wondered if ordered this dress this week if I would get it by early April

If I pay for extended shipping will it still take up to eight days for the dress to be shipped?

Could it be made to tie up in the back instead of a zipper? Also would it cost more to get alterations done to the dress?

Hi, I have a question, the corset lacing on the sides of this dress, are they decoratioin or are they able to tighten up as well?

Good Day.Am querying about this dress again...am about to order and I want to ensure that it will reach me at the estimated time.I believe if you say 25 days then it should be exact..I have read a review where someone from here(Jamaica) ordered from you but when she went to pick it up she was told she had to pay customs/duty fee..Is it not free shipping?,and I tried calling the numbers listed and could not get through.Is this the only forum of talking to you? AM very concerned and i really need my dress to be on time..I know you are a reliable source and i commend you for all your hard work but I need a guarantee that I will get this dress in the time limit listed because i have seen where persons ordered for their wedding and was waiting and had to get another dress...I know that costumer service is number one,therefore I believe the customer should always be up to par with everything regret less.. I hope you can advice me and end my worries... thanks in advance



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