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Just found your website. I was wondering if I order this dress today in a size 4, could I have it bay by May 29th?

Hi there, If I buy this dress selection size US 4, will you be able to make it using standar size US 4? I am asking cos last time I bought online -not with you though- a meassure dress, it turned a chaos and I really want to avoid that from happening again. Would I be able to select standar sizes? By doing so, I never get the orders wrong and the dresses fit me. Thanks

hi, i want this jacket but i want an ivory colour as i couldnt click on the button were i can choose the colour. my wedding dress is size 8 so i think it would be better if the jacket will be size 8?? and how much will the shipping costs me to malta pls?? thx and regards Shirley

Hello I want to order this dress in size 6. But I am a really long person, can you make it longer but keep the rest of the measuring from size 6? I'm 5'10 long or 176 cm. Please answer.

Hello! I am interested in my dress will be on the individual sizes which I pointed out? dress with straps on the shoulders? luxuriant dress? skirt with rings under the dress will need to buy? Anastasia

hi did u all get my email i email the right size for my dress and the size is bust-39 waist-34 hips- 43 hollow to floor-50 custom size colour same as the picture so if u all didnt get it this is it and would like 2 know how long will it take 2 ship could u plzs get back 2 me asap.thanks

hello.,firsti of all, when i made the order, i have put the SPECIFIC MEASUREMENTS for the DRESS..!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't select the exaxct size from the size chart. YOU should CHECK it.. i have ALSO ordered a JACKET if you remeber which i paid for it 2 or 3 days before, which i want it to be the same as the picture..! i told you that i want the JACKET in size medium which in the US chart is size 8. please go and CHECK the sizes i gave you for the dress.!! i have put you the exact measurements so don't make any MISTAKES. remeber to send me the dress WITH the jacket. you have the money in your account

The dress was delivered fast - much faster than expected or desired for a custom size dress - and it was much too big and a poor fit. The dress itself looked nice, but not on me, since it was too big.

Hi. I'm almost certain that this is a La Femme dress. Does Tide Buy make a dress that is only similar in style to this, or is the dress exactly like the one in the picture if I were to order it custom sized?

hello , I wanted to ask a couple of questions.we are looking at putting a order in of 4 chiffon one shoulder bodice and line short fassion cocktail dress g10!we were just wondering even though they are just above knees in pic do we still need to measure from shoulders to our heels or do we measure from shouldres to our knees as hights will very between each girl?also we want ech dress in a different colour one of the colours we were looking at was a green but the greens you have on display just isnt the right colour i would like.if possible do you have any other colour green than whats on your display page?also if we place a order by the 17th dec 2010 will we defanatly have them bak by the end of january 2011?as our wedding day is febuary 13th 2011!!! many thanks miss shayla vinton. day time phone number is 0405342089.



Gold Size 16W Flower Girl Dress

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