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can i get this veil with tear drops all over it?

Hi. I need to know can you make this simple veil, but with bright around the veil. as it is in the picture. The veil had to be about 108cm wide, 150cm long. Can you get a veil like that? if so, how much would it cost?

noo i don't want from you to make another veil for me.but am asking if the same veil can be put on an opposite way

Do you have any forecast to have this veil again? I really would like to buy this dress in the avery colour, but I also would like to buy the veil, otherwise will be very dificult to find a beautiful veil that fits perfect with the dress like this one! Thanks and regards

I love this veil but I couldn't find the tiara on the picture in the headpiece section. Can you tell me if its for sale with the veil as I think they match nicly together. If so how much would it cost?

You said in the description that the length of the veil is 36 and width is 72 inches. I need the veil to be like the lenght of the dress this mean to touch the floor.thanks for your kind reply

Yes the wedding is April 23.

If I order this bridal dress, wilI I get the same one as in the picture, with the veil and all ?

is is possible to forward me a picture of this dress in the 'ivory' color? what is the purchase code of the veil?? thanks and regards

Hi I would like to buy that dress that UIL to the picture includes the veil? long would it take the shipping to Venezuela?



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