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Hello, I was wondering if my dress would arrive before my party which is going to be on 21st- june. Actually i started to get worried. please advice. Thanks

I love this dress, and would like to purchase it for my sweet 16 party, but I was wondering, do you have to buy the jacket as well? or is that part seperate? Thank you!

Hi, I would like to order this dress in April, will it still be available then? Also, how much extra would swarovsky crystals be if I want to add some to the embroided top? Can you add a lisp, so that I can hold the train whilst dancing?

Excellent commodity as well as fast delivery, I like it very much! I just hope the other dress comes soon too. If so we will be ordering from you again. For many more dances and recommending you to others.

i would really like this dress and my party is on the 24th of June and i've order the dress on the 2nd of June, is it possible that i could receive it by the 23rd because this dress is awesome and i don't reallly want to get a refund?

Hey, I want to order this wonderful dress for my graduating party, but as I'm living in Germany I'm afraid it won't arrive in time. Do you think it can be there til the 12th of july? Please Help!

It is a bit too short! I am almost 6 foot tall! BUT I LOVE IT! It is perfect! Great quality and professional look. I look like I have a very modern and expensive dress. This is for my reception and after party after the wedding and it has exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much!!

Please. check your email at service@hotmai where i scanned again the sketch of this dress with the sleeves and the upper top as one piece, you are yet to tell me if you can do the dress that way instead of your suggestions to add a jacket from your web site Plus i would like to know if you can add something to the back to be able to lift the tail while walking or dancing.

if i make my order today can i recive my dress by january 27th 2011.i need this for formal dance and if i am not able to recive it by then i wont place an order.i want this dress in red and i want it knee lenght is that possiable?i live in california,America.please get back to me as soon as possiable

i ordered this dress on May 3 and have to receive it by June 4 on which i have grad dance. But i need it several days before the day because i should buy shoes and accessories go along with it. If i dont get the product by the time, i wont be able to go to prom. When do you think it will arrive here in Vancouver?



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