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dress was a hit at the wedding!!!!!!!!absolutely wonderful :)))))))))))))))

i want a nice wedding dress

wondering if this dres is going to fit my breast size is a dd im very top heavy..i love the looks of this dress is there any support

Delivery was super fast! Less than a week. The color and details are beautiful, but the corset is too long. It needs a zipper to cover my butt basically, but that's something that I can have done. I've heard and seen some bad dresses from places like this, but I had good luck!

on one of the pictures it look like its corset but what is it then zipper?

could i get a pic of the back of the dress dont know what is half naked is it a back outside or its just low down and the bottom of the the dress does it have a long tail is the sequins all over the dress plzs get back 2 me asap....thanks

I have just placed order for this dress and as per email yesterday I would like you to alter the dress. I have a photo to show how I want the dress finished at the bottom but need to know email address to send it to. Thanks Janene

Black A-line One Shoulder Floor-length Taffeta Evening Dresses (Free Shipping) Item Code: 00201333 Can you do this dress in Black with Ivory belt and decor on it i would need 4 of these in 2x 4US + 10US + 14US then 1 reverse Ivory Dress with Black belt and decor but this one would have to be a 26W can you do this Can you tell me if you are able to do these thank you

ineed this dress in 3 weeks for my wedding pls

I really like the top half of the dress. Is it possible to change the poofiness of the dress to a slimer fitting dress? I want ti to hug my hips and have a little shape to it rather than this big fluff there



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