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Just recieved my dress today for my high school prom, its actually stunning.. just my dress has some measurement issues but all just have too take that too a local tailor.. otherwise very pretty and only took 15days too get to scotland:) very happy xxx

Hi, I want to order the dress but I need to know if it would be ready and if I can receive it before the 10th of May cause it's for a prom and if there is a possibility of delay I can't make the order. Also if the dress will be exactly as the one of the picture and what materials it is made of will the lace be the same as the picture? Thanks

I ordered my dress on 4/19 and I also got expedited shipping. I am very worried about the arrival date of my dress. My prom is May 14th and I just need to be re-assured that it will be here on time. Thank you!

Hi, I love this dress, and I have had my eye on it for over a year and a half ! I would love for this to be my prom dress, however the event is on june the third, and I live in Newfoundland, Canada. I am worried that my order will not arrive on time? :/

If i ordered my dress on the 6th of this month and my prom is on the 30th will i get my dress on time? i like in colorado. If not how do I make it so I will get it on time? please Help!

Hi, my name is sally and i would like to know if i would get this dress on time by jun 1 for my prom. Also if i want the flowers to be a different colour but the dress to be white, can I do that?

Hi I ordered this dress on Jan. 23 and I sent u a message but haven't received a response yet. My prom is Feb. 30th, would I get my dress before then? I need it ASAP! :) thanks!

hello i would like to no can u change my dress to a size 8 instead of 6 ??? because i ordered another dress from this company and its a size 6 and its to small and my prom is in three weeks

i saw this exact dress on another web site and fell in love but the problem was i jus couldnt afford that price! this is muchhhh better im hoping this will be my prom dress of 2012 if u still have it at that time im definitely buying it.

Dear Sir, I am interested in having the prom dress 4088, item code 00236555. Can you ship items to Greece? I would like to know how is the back of the dress.Can you tell me? Is there a photo of the back. Thank you in advance.



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