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hi, I am from greece snd this dress could be my wedding dress!So i need your help! I don' t know about fabrics so i would like to ask if it's possiple for you to send me a small sample of the fabric so i can feel the texture and see the original color of the dress (in ivory also) so i can make the order! if not please send per e-mail the quality of the fabric and tha exact name of the dresses color! thank you in advance!

When you pick the color of the dress, do they change the color of the fabric AND sequins?

I ordered the ice blue dress together with a shawl of the same colour and material. Just to know how long they will take to be ready please. Together with the shawl and the dress could you please send me a very small sample of taffetta ivory and champagne please just to see the colour for my flower girls. Thanks Kathleen


Dear FishInTheSky I am interested in product number 00199948 A-Line Princess Strapless Embroidery Wedding Dresses but I would like the dress to be made in the color GOLD and also can you tell me if possible for there to be more embellishment on bodice of dress and beading. Can you also tell me if the dress is fully lined and boned. Thank you

I am ordering this dress as a maid of honor dress in Lilac..I need the beading to be silver not white. the other brides maids are ordering the Empire Casual Wedding Dresses Sweetheart Ruffles in Lilac also. Will the colors be exactly the same and will the beading be exactly the same? Should we let you know who is a part of the bridal party so we can ensure the dresses are all the same?

Hello i'am writting to you from Denmark, i need this dress before on may 22.. is it possible that it can be sent quickly because I need it for my sister's wedding. it must be a size 8 and it must be chapagne color it is this dress i talk about. http://www.FishInTheSky.com/product/New-Style-Sheath-Column-Sweetheart-Floor-length-Elastic-Woven-Satin-Prom-Dresses-JB34375-241549.html I hope to hear from you soon Selma :-)

this dress is very nice i am thinking of it for my wedding dress

Hello! I am very interested in this dress, but before ordering I have some questions, if it is not a problem. If I order in few days (probably Wednesday, June 1st) will it be delivered by 15th July? I'm afraid that I will not get the dress till the wedding. Regarding color - I would not want to be white as snow is white. Is 'Ivory'more 'white' or more 'yellow'? Sorry for bothering You, and thank You!

I am interested in buying this dress. I would use it for a wedding in May. The wedding is at 6pm in the evening. I was a little concerned that the dress might be too short for the occasion? Do you think it would be appropriate for a wedding?



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