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im willing to buy this dress along with my bridesmaid

Hi, i am interested in purchasing this this for a bridesmaid dress and i was wondering if you can make this dress with a removable bottom. So my bridesmaid can use it long for the ceremony and short for the reception.

Very satisfied over all!!! Very Pretty Dress!! Will be looking for bridesmaids dresses next!!!! Thank you!!!

I was wondering if this dress could be tailor made for a child bridesmaid i.e straps attached and what is the normal delivery time?

I LOVE this dress but I wondered what is on the top of the dress?

I wanted to ask you what is on the top of the dress? Thank you

What is the material of this dress and is the beading on the top, glued or stitched on?

will it cost extra to have the top of the dress changed to swaroski crystal diamonties , and is that possible? Could you also be able to send an closer image of the top?

Hello, I love this dress for my friend wedding, I'm one of the bridesmaid but I wanna know if there is a chance of send you the fabric cause the problem is my friend want all of the bridesmaids the exact same color and fabric. Thank you

can i get this dress without the sweetheart top and change it to be straight cut strapless top???? and what material is this dress made out of??? what are the decor on the dress made out of, beads,gems,rhinstones,cyrstals????



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