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Excellent commodity as well as fast delivery, I like it very much! i order´d this dress in royal blue, and to colour on the pitcher is not the same, But the colour is nice anyway. Thank you so much FishInTheSky! I´m so happy!!!

thank you very much, if comprare this dress in three months but I want white with dark purple flowers that my wedding is purple, you can change the color of wine a dark purple color.

Is it possible to send by post a swatch for this dress.... I want it purple

I want my dress to be the color on the picture. so purple

Hello! I’m interested in buying the dress 4088, Item Code 00236555. I would like to have this dress in royal blue colour, but there is nowhere I can pick or choose the type of fabric (I want chiffon-royal blue). Can you please help me with that. If the dress doesn’t fit me, can i still send it back and get the money? Can you please send me a photo of this dress to have a closer look at it ?. The shipping is free, right? Thanks in advance

Hi, I'm interested in getting this dress urgently! Got an event to attend on 17th march. Any ready-made size 2 dresses available for this design, so it can reach Singapore by 16th March?? Most preferred is blue colour as in picture. Thanks!

Btw, is it possible to see this dress in Dark Royal Blue??

Hi! I would like to order this dress for my prom but, in the option to choose the color doesn't appear the color that shows in the image, that is exactly what I want - Dark Royal Blue. Can you please help me?

Thankyou, because if you have it in the EXACT same colour as the picture, that is the one I want. If not, navy blue with a navy blue belt is OK. Thankyou so much!

I am very interested in buying this dress but i am worried about choosing the correct color. I like the color that is shown in the sample pictures which looks like a CHAMPAGNE color, but I'm not sure if it is a GOLD. Would you be able to tell me what color the sample dresses are?? There is a green, purple and a goldish color in the sample pictures. The dress is: Sheath/Column Sweetheart Floor-length Elastic Woven Satin Evening Prom Dresses JB34375 Thank you



Blue Purple Multi Coloured Prom Dress

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