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hi, i want this jacket but i want an ivory colour as i couldnt click on the button were i can choose the colour. my wedding dress is size 8 so i think it would be better if the jacket will be size 8?? and how much will the shipping costs me to malta pls?? thx and regards Shirley

Hi, make sure this time that your company tailor the jacket as the original picture and the material correct, in White Satin. Please is necessary that the jacket look beautiful like the original, so in that way it can match with the ordered of my wedding dress in color and material.

Hello, Actually I already place the order, and I want the jacket same as the picture, so in that way it can match it with the wedding dress that I already order. I want the jacket with the specification that I put White Satin, with the details same as the picture. Thanks!!

The 30 days of wedding dresses are Havilah? I'm from Venezuela, I would like to buy a wedding dress for the wedding is April 30 and would like to know if I buy this dress in my country before the date due await your prompt response. This is the model I Item Code: 00202285

I love this dress, and would like to purchase it for my sweet 16 party, but I was wondering, do you have to buy the jacket as well? or is that part seperate? Thank you!

Hi there, If I buy this dress selection size US 4, will you be able to make it using standar size US 4? I am asking cos last time I bought online -not with you though- a meassure dress, it turned a chaos and I really want to avoid that from happening again. Would I be able to select standar sizes? By doing so, I never get the orders wrong and the dresses fit me. Thanks

Hello, the last time that I receive a message I was inform that both of my items has been finish, the jacket and the wedding dress. Can you tell me if both of the items has been deliver?

Hy, I would like to know if it is possible to make the details of the jacket in Gold color? I would liket all my wedding accessories, white with the details in gold color.

hey... its lovely dress... n i really want to order 1 but, as i dont want sleeveless wedding dress.. is dat possible to have short sleeve jacket with embrodary on it.. i dont mind paying for that jacket..but it has to be same material and colour..and if u can make it.. thn hw much more wud i have to pay for dat jacket.?? thankx in advanced.. thanku :)

I'm from Jordan, I want to buy wedding dresses at a reasonable price you know I can replace the wedding dresses you have and thank you



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