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I was wondering if it would be possible to make it so this dress does not have a train dragging along the ground. Having it flow out gently like it does at the front, and just touching the ground like it does at the front would be really nice, as we do plenty of formal dancing which means moving backwards, and I wouldn't want to step on the dress. I would also like it to be made in satin, not elastic woven satin if that is okay, because i like the blue of the satin better, rather than the elastic woven satin blue. Can you please let me know if this is not feasible because otherwise I would prefer to look at other options. I tried sending you this message but have had no response

Sender:bwind2011/4/8 3:39:41We just recently ordered a dress and we need to make changes to the order: We need the dress in a size 8 US ........NOT the size 10 US we ordered, found out that size is too big so we need it in a an 8 US please. We also want the dress without the back bottom train. Please keep the floor length but WITHOUT a train on the back. She does not want any part of the dress dragging on the floor. Thank you so very much, Bridget Wind [email protected] 513-460-4495 I sent this above message a few days ago and have not had any response as of yet. Can anyone help me please? Thank you.

Thank you for your answer, I was also wonder if the tail could be longer, like two more meters, and would I have to pay more for this??? and if the tail could be removable so that during the party I could take it off?....Also would it be easier if you send the dress to a address in the States or you can bring it to Quito, Ecuador for free. Lizbeth

Hello! I am turning 18 on 9th July. As you may know, this is the most important age in my country and I will have a birthday-party, and I would like to look special. The question is... Would it be possible for the dress to arrive by then? It is really an emergency... Well, if not til 9th July, let's say 11th. I'll wait for your answer and I will try to make a decision these days on the order... Thank you very much.

How many more days will this take? Are you having problems making the dresses? Are they really finished making as i was told? What is the real story behind these dresses? You have already spoiled the plans by sending only two of the dresses. Now i dont know what to do. They are for a bridal party. Can you tell me the exact amount of days they will take to be shipped. I could have them shipped to USA which would reach quicker and someone take them for me. Please let me know.

I am interested in buying this dress. I would use it for a wedding in May. The wedding is at 6pm in the evening. I was a little concerned that the dress might be too short for the occasion? Do you think it would be appropriate for a wedding?

Hi, just wanted to know if my order has being received, and if all the measurement are clear enough and please i want the dress all white, thanks and hope have a reply soon.

i really like this wedding gown. It will give fitting to my sweetheart.

this dress is very nice i am thinking of it for my wedding dress

these are very beautiful dresses, i need it for a wedding on january 15 2011



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