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If we order this dress, would it be possible to have you send some extra fabric along with it that matches the dress, so that we can have a sleeve added after we get the dress?

please can you tell me if the picture item i have uploaded have sleeve on it as shown on the main image and also what colour is the picture image dress?

Hi I really like this dress but i need the embroidery to be done in pink. Also i would like to have a Lace Bolero and the sleeve up to my elbow. how much additional would this cost.

Hi I was going through the dress item number 204719, and was just wandering if you could tailor the dress so it would have long sleeves and if it would cost more? Regards, Sarah

hi, i want a glamorous dress with short sleeve and which suits me because i have 5 feet height. can you recommend me something??

Hi i live in the UK, and i was wondering how long will it take to make this dress and ship it to the UK? and also if by any chance can you make the dress with a short sleeve in the champiagne colour? Item Code: 00236595

hello,i am interested in a couple of your beautiful dresses but require sleeves attached to them,also additional fabric for a shawl would be most appreciated,can this be done?and would it be included in the stated price or is they an additional fee?

hi could you lengthen the dress an inch or 2 or 3? also could you make it a full top ie. a full dress without sleeves? and is it free postage to uk (how long will it take)? many thanx

Dear FishInTheSky, i really love this dress and would like to order but is it not possible to add the flowers to it? and what else does it not include comparing to the actuall one?

I already made ​​my request for this dress but would like to take into account the image attached to their clothing as I would like to add a shoulder as I have been mentioning in the past Thanks, Please your confirmation



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